Jeremy Ron King

Husband. Father. Geek

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Hello There!

I am a devoted family man, a passionate professional, and above all, a loving husband and father. My journey revolves around the values of commitment, both in my career and personal life. As a dedicated professional, I bring a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to my work, striving for excellence in every endeavor. At the heart of it all, my greatest joy comes from being a loving husband and father, cherishing the moments that make family the cornerstone of my life. With a blend of professional dedication and heartfelt family values, I embrace each day as an opportunity to grow and create lasting memories with my loved ones.


My Interests

Beyond my roles as a family man and dedicated professional, I find immense joy in exploring the country and creating unforgettable experiences. Traveling has become a cherished pursuit, allowing my family and I to enjoy the many different people and landscapes of America. Whether casting a line by the serene waters, perfecting my swing on the golf course, or simply spending quality time with my family, these activities truly bring me joy in life. Fishing not only brings tranquility but also a sense of connection with nature, while golf serves as both a challenging sport and a source of relaxation and socialization. Above all, the moments shared with my family, whether on an adventurous journey or a quiet day at home, hold the most special place in my heart.


Let's Play

In the realm of leisure and entertainment, my family and I share a common bond through our love for gaming. As an avid collector of consoles, I find joy in exploring the evolution of gaming technology and amassing a collection that reflects the rich history of this dynamic industry. Our home is often filled with the laughter and excitement of my kids engaging in the latest popular video games, while my wife indulges her gaming passion through mobile platforms. Beyond the digital realm, we relish in the timeless charm of board games, whether it's a heated match of Scrabble or a laid-back round of Yahtzee. Gaming has become not just a pastime but a shared experience that brings us together, creating lasting memories and strengthening the bonds that define our family.